VITA of Lilian Greulichor the way to be an painter

The feeling for arts I have certainly inherited from my father. It was he ,who rendered me
his helping hand as far as creative aspects are concerned and he teached me the various techniques of painting. Nevertheless-when I was young- I only painted sporadically or during phases of particular, thematic interests, which attracted my attention in moving times.

My professional carreer was actually a very different one in a totally different direction.
Business management and figures were determining my life. Without any doubt I have unconsciously searched all my life to realize my feelings and my great creativity.

Sometimes it might happen that for some people life decisions are relieved by some unexpected circumstances. Maybe - first of all - somebody has to go through the valley of emotions in order to be able to make the right decisions.
After an illness and the subsequent recovery, I discovered again the art of painting which had fascinated me throughout many years. And right now, I have the feeling that I have arrived finally.

Due to my enthusiasm about the most beautiful colours of this world and, due to my love for design ,I have realized that it is exactly the painting of these pictures that is giving me space to express my sentiments and my sense for all the beauty in this world.

Every creative man or woman will find orientation and stimulation by other artistic creators -
in my case by the intensive influence of a painter from our area, the "Allgäu".
It were her outlines and exhibitions which I could include in my artistic development as a real support and encouragement.


Drei Fotos im Atelier:

Meine Genres auf einen Blick

  • Landschaftsmalerei
  • Portrait und Menschenbild
  • Tiermotive
  • Dekorative Ensembles
  • Collagen