Nice that you are hereon the studio website of Lilian Greulich.

Right in the middle of the lovely ALLGÄU, overlooking the green and succulent meadows is situated my studio. The atmosphere of this landscape in all its seasonal situations-aroused by gleaming sunshine, misty hazes, storms and snow - is inspiring me again and again.

Excitement and awareness of my surroundings are leading to a highly imaginative conversion and are the expression of my artistic creations.
Just for that are also standing the bright and harmonizing colours of my paintings and the variety of my painting styles. Thus , it is not possible to tie myself to a certain style. We could say that my style is not being suitable to be assigned to a particular designation.

Strange cultures from all countries and collecting of new impressions within the whole world of art and culture are an outstanding priority for me. Therefore I am also cultivating a close relationship with other creative individuals and like to be inspired by modern conceptions of the fine arts.


From my contacts with other lovers of painting, arised my slogan:

You are lookingfor a modern painting for your residencial area, for your office, for your lounge
or for your hotel?

Then, just have a look into the categories of those of my works which are still available for sale or get in touch with me right now !



Meine Genres auf einen Blick

  • Landschaftsmalerei
  • Portrait und Menschenbild
  • Tiermotive
  • Dekorative Ensembles
  • Collagen